Your data is one of the most important assets of your company, so special care must be taken to safeguard its confidentiality, integrity, and availability by selecting a skilled and trustworthy partner that will aid your team in selecting the best ways to protect your business from cyber threats.

Services that we provide:

Security Audits and Ethical Hacking: Nowadays, the majority of companies and organisations have implemented some form of security measure for their information security. Whether you have firewalls, access control systems, or intrusion prevention systems, a detailed security survey and penetration testing can help you assess your current measures. We can help you evaluate the current infrastructure; at the end of each security survey, our team of consultants will provide you with a written document with all the weaknesses discovered and the measures to combat them.

Establish a security policy: We help our clients develop a security policy customised for their business needs and processes. Security breaches become more common and simpler to perform; a superiorly developed security policy is something that you need in order to protect your business confidential information.

Enhance and update security policies: The road towards a really secured network starts with good security policies, but it does not end there. A security policy is a 'live' document that has to be reviewed and changed as your business evolves and needs change. Our team of security consultants can help you in the continuous process of reviewing and enhancing your security policies.

Security policy enforcement: Once the security policy is in place, its handling by all the users in their daily tasks must be confirmed; a security policy that is not respected is worse than not having one at all. We can help you evaluate the usage of the security policy by conducting a security policy compliance audit. At the end of each audit, we will provide you with a written document of the actual security policy states, which policies are applied and which are not, and why the users find difficulties aligning.

IT Infrastructure Security Monitoring: Security threats are evolving, and cybercriminals are using even more advanced ways to compromise IT infrastructures. Our expert team can help you properly maintain and monitor your security solutions, identify probing or recon attacks, and adapt the security IT infrastructure to be better prepared to defend against threats.

Threat and Risk Assessment: Understanding, monitoring, and preparing for the risks in your information technology architecture can provide a real competitive edge. Our team of security consultants can help you conduct an assessment of the threats and risks to your network and help you build a secure network able to sustain attacks.

IT Security Incident Response: In case of a security incident, our consultants will provide expert aid to limit the impact of the breach, eradicate the threat, return the services to the operation, perform forensics in order to understand the mechanism of the attack and the way it happened, and enforce the lesson learned so it will not repeat again.