At Kernel, we believe in an IT solution tailored to your business needs.

Very rarely do companies have the same business ideas, goals, corporate culture, business strategy, and team vision, and like a tailor, an IT consultant should customise and properly fit the solution to the specifics of each beneficiary.
Our consultants and IT solution architects are here to provide you with a blueprint that will support your business goals, help your business grow, and provide you with the best return on investment while keeping the project within its delivery timeline, budget, scope, and quality.

In order to provide you with a high level of quality for the services, our team undertakes:

  1. Constantly training and adapting to industry trends.
  2. Direct contact and collaboration with the IT vendors.
  3. Keeping an open mind regarding new emerging technologies.
  4. Testing in depth and using a well-established methodology to evaluate the solutions that we propose before they are submitted to the end customer.
  5. Using the best practices of the industry and the recommendations of the vendors.
  6. Having a very strict quality-oriented approach.
  7. Following our corporate culture and procedures.

Kernel's team of consultants assesses our clients' business needs and assists them by providing:

  1. IT market analysis.
  2. IT infrastructure surveys.
  3. Business impact analysis and gap analysis.
  4. Consultancy to select the best-suited IT solution.
  5. Consultancy to select the best-suited IT vendor mix.
  6. Design and development of complete IT solutions.
  7. Demonstrate capabilities for evaluation, development, and presentation of the proposed solutions in order to minimise the investment risk.
  8. Professional project management services.
  9. Financing solutions for the proposed infrastructure.